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Spoken Black Girl is an online space dedicated to mental health, wellness, and growth. As a mental health advocate and full-time Black woman, I am committed to ending the stigma around mental health and empowering Black women to love and care for themselves.

Spotlight on Black Female Therapists


quinngee2“For marginalized persons, it is especially difficult to find competent and comfortable services from therapists that look like them. I seek to be that person for as many people as possible.” – Quinn Gee, MS

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Spoken Black Girl Self-Love & Healing Journal


The Spoken Black Girl Self-Love & Healing Journal will be released on February 15th. This journal takes you through crucial stages of self-discovery and growth by allowing you to reflect on your own mental health journey while discovering your purpose and unleashing the power of self-love. Pre-order info to come! 

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World War Black

Guest post By Noushky Laguerre Fabius  Childhood stories in the black household sometimes could be misconstrued for stories of war. In elementary school, my classmates and I would gather in the circle in recess and talk about how we were disciplined, and debated about who had it the worse.

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