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Rowana Abbensetts, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

The SBG Mission

Spoken Black Girl is an online oasis for mental wellness and healing with a unique infusion of laughter, inspiration, and truth. SBG is committed to ending the stigma around mental health and empowering Black women to love and care for themselves.

Together we can end the stigma, learn more about ourselves, and support each other in our individual journeys towards self-love and growth.

Black Female Therapist Spotlight


 “Anytime I can contribute to, facilitate, or bring about healing for Black women’s self-concept, wellness, and success I am rewarded.” – Nikki Coleman, Ph.D.

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Spoken Black Girl Self-Love & Healing Journal


The Spoken Black Girl Self-Love & Healing Journal will be released soon! This journal takes you through crucial stages of self-discovery and growth by allowing you to reflect on your own mental health journey while discovering your purpose and unleashing the power of self-love. Pre-order info to come! 

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First Day of Therapy

The first day of therapy feels kind of like the first day of school.Part of you is embarrassingly hopeful – this could be the first step towards your new beginning, there’s still a chance for a better, happier you! But you’re still contending with the ever-present fear of being vulnerable.

Spotlight on Dr. Nikki Coleman

This week let’s learn from the amazing Nikki Coleman, Ph.D. Nikki Coleman has dedicated her career to examining how relationships and cultural context influence mental health, particularly for Black women. When she’s not conducting therapy sessions and workshops, she’s shaping young minds as a college professor. I find her innovative and unique approach to mental … Continue reading Spotlight on Dr. Nikki Coleman

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